As part of the SportTech Hungary Program, on 19th of May HEPA Regional Office co-organized an online conference to bring the latest Hungarian sports and sports technology innovations to the Canadian market. By uniting sports, business and innovation technology, the organizers and performer’s goal was to create partnerships that deserve the spotlight as they guide people and sports teams to reach the best version of themselves.

At the unique webinar, participants had the chance to gain additional information on the carefully selected, cutting-edge Hungarian innovations, which have already gained ground in Europe, Asia and the USA and are ready to step into the Canadian market. Each product and service introduced was outstanding in its own field and offers a valuable, viable and feasible solution to current challenges.

After the virtual greeting from Dr. Mária Vass-Salazár, Ambassador of Hungary to Ottawa and Dr. Kristóf Szabó, CEO of HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency, the event was moderated by Árpád Igaz Máté, FTA in Toronto and Gábor Simon FTA in Ottawa.

The prominent list and relative information of the companies that participated at the SportTech webinar were:

Seyu: monetizing remote fan engagement effectively and ensuring safe fan data management by creating genuine fan-generated social media content and allowing fans to cheer for their favorite teams even from hundreds of miles away, leveraging existing platforms.

HeartBit: a revolutionary solution for real-time exercise ECG detection for fitness use.

InnoriaTech: neurofeedback technologies to measure, analyze and develop collaborative team performance.

Yoganotch: a quantified wellness coach that provides personalized live guidance for yoga and mindfulness practices with each instruction tailored to the individual yogi’s needs, experience and body type to effectively improve asanas, poses, helping to prevent injuries.

CODE Yachts: design and build sailing boats partly using carbon for maximum performance, safety and outstanding durability. Apart from the former advantages, there is one more thing their customers love about their boats: they never have to compromise between sport and relaxation.

Premier Padel: enables clubs’ business to thrive all around the year, rain or shine, whatever the season. They manufacture unique padel tents and courts based on individual needs. Their custom-designed and built tents can also be used in other sports, as well.

Rebound Sports: mobile hard-surfaced tennis court systems which can be built and dismantled in a matter of hours.

BeStrong: development, production and installation of outdoor sports and recreational fitness zones using innovative equipment with high social and interactive value to improve the well-being of all people from different generations and social groups in a safe way.

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