About us

The Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA) is the official promoter of Hungarian made goods, services and innovations. It supports the further development of trade relationships, and exports.

HEPA Regional Office – Canada is based in Toronto, and works on drawing the attention of the potential Canadian investors and consumers to the Hungarian quality products, innovative technology and services. HEPA entered into partnership with Vinum Tokaj Canada Inc. in May, 2020. Vinum Tokaj was founded in 2012 to promote Hungarian wine and gastronomy in Canada. The company greatly contributed to the recognition and business achievement of fine Hungarian products. In 2014, Dry by Tokaj received the “Best Imported White Wine” award as a first step in obtaining recognition for the Hungarian wines on the Canadian market and opening new business opportunities for the Hungarian wineries.

We offer decades of hands-on experience of doing business in Canada. Our partners are supported by our well established business network, and our experience with trade legislation, from CETA to federal and provincial laws.

Our mission is to open the range of business opportunities for Hungarian entrepreneurs who are ready to export overseas, by defining the main market segments, where the Hungarian businesses have a competitive advantage, and reach their export development goal. We also make sure that our low-risk, reliable business-network is available, as well as all necessary information about the investment and business environment, and the market standards.

Our services


Operating in a globalized market, where trades between international peers are trending, foreing investments are offering businesses exceptional opportunities for growth, expansion and increased competitiveness. With an extended network of partners and industry specialists we provide advice and consulting services to help businesses aiming to access strategic markets (real estate, e-commerce, advanced manufacturing, technology, services, tourism, science, research and development, etc.) in Canada.


Business Partner matching

We help businesses and organizations succeed by discovering the right partners for their international expansion and evaluating compatibility to unfold their full potential. Fostering ventures and partnerships in many areas of trading, we provide access to an extended network of active business contacts and private information databases. Our knowledge banks are up-to-date and expanding every day.


Targeted commercial and business meetings

Helping businesses optimize their business trips by inviting prospects to the meetings who are interested in their products or services. We will organise your schedule using your time efficiently between appointments. For better results we will prepare local information on the sector and the targeted company.


Trade process management

Eliminating the risk of potential barriers of delivering commercial services or goods, we help to discover sector specific trade procedures and requirements at every stage. Search for available and reliable resources to ease the logistics and safeguard our partners finding flexible funding.