HEPA at the Grocery and Specialty Food West Trade ShowHEPA participated in the Grocery and Specialty Food West Trade Show in Vancouver, proudly showcasing Hungarian culinary excellence. This highly anticipated event attracted exhibitors and visitors from every corner of Canada.

Representatives and Brands: Key individuals like Joseph Safian, Mónika Molnár, and Bálint Nagy represented HEPA, emphasizing the exceptional quality of renowned Hungarian brands like Nobilis Zrt., Univer, Hódi Paprika, and Vilhemp.

Engagement and Discussions: Throughout the trade show, HEPA actively engaged with industry stakeholders, distributors, and enthusiastic consumers. Discussions explored strategies to enhance the presence of Hungarian food products in the Canadian market, fostering innovation and potential partnerships.

Visitor Interest and Activities: The captivating display of Hungarian food products drew considerable interest from attendees. Visitors eagerly sampled the diverse range of offerings, immersing themselves in the cultural heritage behind each product. Additionally, interactive activities and tastings further enhanced the experience, leaving a lasting impression on all participants.

Partnerships and Future Initiatives: The trade show served as a platform for HEPA to establish meaningful partnerships and identify promising avenues for growth. Consequently, collaborative discussions paved the way for future initiatives aimed at promoting Hungarian culinary excellence in Canada and beyond.

HEPA’s participation in the Vancouver trade show was a big success, raising awareness of Hungarian food products and strengthening its position in the Canadian market. Looking ahead, HEPA is committed to advancing the appreciation and availability of Hungarian cuisine, enriching the culinary landscape worldwide.

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