HungaroFest Toronto

At the HEPA Regional Office Canada, we’re dedicated to promoting Hungarian products and culture worldwide. With the support of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency’s domestic headquarters, we were thrilled to provide attendees at HungaroFest in Toronto the opportunity to experience the excellence of Hungarian products. The festival, held at Yonge-Dundas Square, beautifully displayed Hungarian craftsmanship, innovation, and rich folk traditions.

HungaroFest Toronto offered lively concerts and dance shows, giving attendees a chance to experience Hungarian culture firsthand. Visitors also got to join in Hungarian folk dances, connecting with traditions that have lasted for centuries.

The crowd is having a great time listening to Hungarian music.


Soul of Hungary

HungaroFest wasn’t just about culture. It was also a marketplace for Hungarian products, with support from the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency’s domestic headquarters. Recognizing the importance of this, the “Soul of Hungary” umbrella brand has been introduced, aiming to target the North American continent, particularly the Canadian market and expansion into the United States, with premium Hungarian goods. These products, sourced from the best domestic producers and artisans, are intended to showcase the hidden gems of Hungarian products through traditional family recipes and a passionate commitment to Hungarian culture.

Soul of Hungary

Hungarian products represented by Soul of Hungary at Hungarofest Toronto

Hungarian wines

Attendees enjoyed tasting Hungarian wines from top wineries like Patricius Borház, Bolyki Pincészet, Csányi Pincészet, and Gere Attila Pincészet, thanks to Con-nois-seur Wine Imports. They could also buy Hungarian goods from various vendors, taking home a piece of Hungarian culture. Hungarian wines had previously achieved success at a reception for Premier Doug Ford of Ontario, showcasing their exceptional quality and diversity. Learn more in our article.

Hungarian wines at HungaroFest Toronto (Bolyki)

Hungarian wines at HungaroFest Toronto – On the picture, Bolyki Egri Bikaver


Esteemed guests at the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony was a big moment, with important guests like Premier Doug Ford and Mayor Olivia Chow. Premier Doug Ford, Secretary of State Péter Sztáray, and Sandor Balla, Managing Director of HEPA Canada Regional Office, officially started the event, setting the stage for a weekend of celebration and cultural exchange.

Other notable guests included Minister Michael Tibollo, MP Rudy Cuzzetto, Councillor Brad Bradford, Ambassador Maria Vass-Salazar, and Consul General János Jákó. They all added to the lively atmosphere of HungaroFest.

From left to right, in the picture, Brad Bradford, City Councillor, Michael Tibollo, Provincial Minister responsible for Mental Health, Péter Sztáray, State Secretary for Security Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, Doug Ford, Premier of the Province of Ontario, Rudy Cuzzetto, Provincial Representative, János Jákó, Consul General, Sándor Balla, Executive Director of the HEPA Toronto Partner Office, and Dr. Vass-Salazar, Hungarian Ambassador to Ottawa, can be seen on the HungaroFest stage.


We’re proud to have helped bring Hungarian excellence to Toronto. Thanks to everyone who joined us at HungaroFest. We hope to see you again next year!

You can read the post of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency’s in Hungarian here.


Attendees embrace the lively spirit of Hungarian culture by trying out traditional folk dances


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