Continest containers have arrived in Canada!

Another export success by the HEPA Regional Office Canada!
The first containers of Continest Technologies Zrt., running under the Soul of Hungary brand, worth 200,000 CAD, have arrived in Canada!

The Hungarian company founded in 2019, which offers temporary infrastructure solutions, has revolutionized the mobile office container market. The essence of the innovation is that five collapsible containers can be transported instead of a normal rigid-frame office container with their easily foldable and openable containers. As a result, Continest’s system can be delivered economically and is competitive in all respects against traditional rigid frame solutions.

Thanks to the innovation, the logistics costs and the environmental burden related to the development of the mobile infrastructure can be reduced by up to 80%. In this way, Continest Technologies not only saves its customers money but also actively contributes to sustainable development.

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