A Mangalica Pork Tasting Lunch was held in Toronto, co-organized by HEPA Canada and the National Association of Mangalica Pig Breeders – Hungary (NAM). The invited guests were greeted by Sándor Balla, Managing Director of HEPA Canada, and Péter Tóth, President of NAM, who introduced the world-famous Hungarian pig breed. The event was honored by the presence of Valér Palkovits Consul General of Hungary in Toronto and famous Hungarian actress Dorottya Udvaros. Joseph Safian, Director of Operations, Food & Beverage Division at HEPA Canada, paired Hungarian wines from Dúzsi Winery, Luka Winery and Patricius Wine House distributed by Con-nois Seuré Wines. The mangalica specialties – mangalica tartar, mangalica goulash, mangalica steak – were made by János Székely, the Chef of the Consulate General. The event was attended by representatives of Legacy Distributors and MarcAngelo Foods, as well as managers of the Longos food chain and owners of Canadian Mangalitsa Farms.

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